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We know that you have many choices of retina centers for ophthalmology care, and we’re glad you’re considering us. Our doctors provide a number of eye care services. Our practice includes retinal specialists who specialize in retinal surgery. Dr. Nneka Offor Brooks, Dr. Lekha K. Mukkamala, and Dr. Jonathan P. Greenberg, M.D. work together to bring you state of the art eye care that you can trust.

Our office is centrally-located in Elizabeth, providing care to Union, Linden, and Hillside. We invite you to give us a call or stop by our office to talk with us about the eye care services our eye doctors and retinal specialists provide.

We treat different retinal diseases, including lattice degeneration, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Lattice degeneration is common, affecting 6-8% of the general population. This retina degeneration causes small, lattice-shaped tears in the edges of the retina. Over time, this can lead to detachment of the retina if left untreated. Macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss, and it can be scary to learn that you could lose your sight. While there is no cure for macular degeneration, using retina injection treatments our retinal specialists can often slow the progression of the disease and prevent further vision loss after you’ve been diagnosed. Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that is a leading cause of new blindness in those aged 20-74 years old. With early diagnosis and treatment using retina injections and sometimes laser treatment, it is possible to prevent diabetic vision loss. If necessary, our retinal specialists can perform retinal surgery to treat diabetic retinopathy.

We use different surgical treatments to help our patients who have retinal issues. A vitrectomy laser is a tool used for a procedure in which a tiny incision is made in the eye, allowing a surgeon to remove blood and scar tissue that cause issues for the retina. Laser photocoagulation stops leaks from blood vessels by closing the vessels using a laser. Another option for retinal issues is laser retinopexy. This advanced technique is used to heal and re-attach the retina after it has separated from the eye. When you have eye surgery, it’s important that you work with retinal specialists you trust. At your first appointment, we’ll talk to you about the condition of your eyes, and discuss whether retinal surgery is a good fit for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions and keep your eyes safe and comfortable.

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